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We take our clients budget, delivery schedule and specification requirements and match these with our 25 years procurement and logistics experience working with non-agressive military equipment. This enables us to provide the most cost effective and efficient solutions available. 

Field experienced staff, tried and tested equipment, NATO, Def Stan Mil Spec or similar Quality Management Systems. evaluation, assessment and advisory functions. training on and off site, back up support when needed and logistics support in the whole supply chain.

The following illustrates a few selected items from the huge range of products and commodities supplied by AIPACS OACG. For further information please contact us at  


AIPACS supplies a complete range of specialist tentage for military peace keeping and civil defence use. From basic troop accommodation to messing facilities, command posts, workshops and complete field hospitals.


Tents - Canvas or Pneumatic; Sleeping Bags; Camp Cots; Mosquito Nets; Uniforms; Boots; Canvas Lockers; Kit Bags; Groundsheets; Water Bottles; Camelbak Hydration Bags; Eddy Bottles; Personal Hygiene Equipment; Personal Equipment For Special Forces.

Field Kitchens and Food Service Equipment; Water Treatment & Purification - individual and bulk; Water & Fuel Storage; Latrines and Ablutions; Food Rations and Food Consultancy Services.


Fragmentation Jackets & Ballistic Helmets; Night Vision & Thermal Imaging Equipment; Bomb Disposal & Detection Equipment; VIP Protection & Intruder Detection Systems; VSAT & Radio Communications.



GSM Interceptions Systems; Thuraya & Insmarsat Strategic Satellite Interception Systems; Threat Detectors; Jamming Equipment.


Mobile Air Traffic Control Towers; Airfield Equipment; Armoured Vehicles; Vehicle Spare Parts; Fast Patrol Boats; RIB; Hovercraft, Aircraft



AIPACS OACG can supply a fully equipped camp as a standard package for up to 1,000 troops. Based upon either a canvas tent pattern or a pneumatic tent pattern or a combination of both.

Troop Accommodation, Mess / Canteen, Officers Accommodation, Security.

Admin / Command Post, General Stores, Workshops, First Aid Post, Catering

Battalion Camp Categories of Equipment Supplied:

  • Tented Accommodation - Canvas or Pneumatic Modules
  • Accommodation Equipment
  • Personal Equipment
  • Body Armour
  • Field Catering & Utilities
  • Power
  • Water Purification & Water Storage
  • Latrines & Ablutions
  • Fuel Storage
  • Maintenance, Tools - Auto, Electrical, General
  • Laundry & Housekeeping
  • IT, Computers, Printers & Office Administration
  • Personnel Welfare & Recreation
  • Security & Fire Control
  • Communications Equipment
  • First Aid & Paramedic
  • Field Hospital (optional) - Pneumatic Modules


 30 Bed, 50 Bed or 100 Bed or whatever configuration may be required

The AIPACS Military Field Hospital concept is one of the most portable and easily deployed systems in the world for military forces undertaking overseas peace keeping or domestic field operations. The entire hospital can be transported by air to the operational area, erected and made ready to receive casualties within hours of arrival.



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Also for further information about the Pneumatic Modules that make up this hospital and the Air Beam System employed see our page entitled:

AIPACS Field Hospitals (Click on Link)

Presentations & Publications Available

The following presentations and publications are available from AIPACS OACG. Please e-mail us at:

AIPACS OACG Peace Keeping Equipment April 2015 V11.0 (Click to download)

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