AIPACS OACG has been fully engaged in the Greek Islands and mainland since September 2015. For several months now we have been shipping emergency relief supplies by road and ferry transport from the UK, Belgium, Italy and Bulgaria to the Islands of Lesvos, Leros, Samos and Kos. More recently between March and April we have been shipping goods directly into Athens, Thessaloniki and Polikastro on the mainland.

    Mytilini port, Lesvos           Moria Camp Lesvos          Mytilini Quay Lesvos

                           Syrian refugees behind the fence in Moria Camp

During the first few weeks we shipped several tonnes of foodstuffs and winter clothing including rainwear (ponchos), winter jackets, underwear and footwear from Bulgaria and Italy to the islands of Lesvos and Leros. We also shipped bulk hygiene supplies for distribution at Moria and Karatepe camps. Additionally we shipped some large tents, bunk beds, bed mattresses with waterproof covers and kerosene heaters for use inside family tents at Moria and Karatepe.

Foodstuffs & Bulk Hygiene Supplies loading in Sofia, Bulgaria for trucking overland to Lesvos and Leros

To download details and specifications of relief goods we have shipped to Greece go to the bottom of this page. All information is in PDF.doc format

As the political situation changed and agreements were formalised between the EU and Turkey regarding migrants and refugees the relief operations at the Moria and Karatepe camps in Lesvos have wound right down and the focus has now switched to support in mainland Greece


Thousands of Syrian, Iraqi, Afghan refugees and a great many economic migrants from other countries have made their way to the border with Macedonia. Idomeni on the Greece, Macedonia border has become log jammed as some 40,000 plus people have encamped there waiting in hope that the Macedonia authorities will allow then through so they can continue their journey to Serbia and then onward to Hungary, Austria, Germany and other countries in Western Europe.

Refugees & migrants heading for the Macedonia border where the border guards on the Macedonia side stand fast.

AIPACS OACG have more recently been shipping family hygiene kits, bed mattresses, domestic washing supplies, ponchos, backpacks, microfibre towels and hot & cold packs to Thessaloniki and Athens for distribution to refugees at Polikastro and Idomeni. Almost all the relief supplies transported into Greece thus far by AIPACS OACG have been shipped from our supply base in Sofia, Bulgaria where the average transit time by road is just two days

One of our trucks loading in Sofia with hygiene kits and far right hot & cold packs being readied for loading in the UK for onward shipment by road to Athens.

AIPACS OACG maintains a highly competitive edge over equivalent goods being purchased domestically within Greece. As a result of shipping our goods by road from other EU member States we are not obliged to charge our customers VAT nor do such goods attract import duty as they are being are being transported between member States. See below:


There has been much confusion amongst our NGO customers as to the situation regarding VAT and Import Duty for goods arriving into Greece. When buying goods within Greece NGO have been obliged to pay VAT. When inporting goods into Greece from outside the European Union NGO have been charged import  duties and VAT.

AIPACS OACG has undertaken a considerable amount of research into the subject of VAT and Import Duties chargeable within the European Union (EU) since we commenced supply operations to Greece in September 2015.

Our Financial Controller held several in-depth discussions with officers from HMRC (Her Majesty`s Revenue & Customs) in the UK and their conclusion and considered advice now governs all AIPACS OACG procedures for goods which we are shipping to Greece and to other EU member States from both within and outside of the European Union (EU)

For full information relating to this the following document is provided by AIPACS OACG as a download for our customers` information

VAT & Import Duty for Goods Arriving into Greece (Download)

For details and specifications of relief goods we have shipped to Greece & Turkey since September 2015 please e-mail us at: