The following illustrates a few selected items from the huge range of products and commodities supplied by AIPACS OACG                                                     

  Tents & Marquees; Canvas & Pneumatic Modules; Blankets; Sleeping Mats; Sleeping Bags; Cookers & Heaters; Bulk Food Supplies; Family Food Parcels; Emergency Food Rations;  Milk Powder (Dried Skimmed and Full Cream).


Kitchen Sets (Aluminium & Stainless Steel); Bulk Hygiene Supplies; Family Hygiene Kits (IFRC Type. UNHCR Type. MSF Type); Mosquito Nets (LLIN & ITN); Water Purification (One Drop); Water Storage & Distribution; Water Carriers & Buckets.


Latrines & Ablutions; Clothing & Footwear; Lighting & Power Supplies; (Generating Sets & Lighting Towers); Medical Equipment & Consummables; Agricultural Equipment; Water Pumps (Surface & Submersible); Borehole Drilling Rigs; Communications Equipment.

Bio-protective cCothing, Hoods, Boots, Protective Gloves, Surgical & Examination Gloves, Medical Consummables incl Absorbent Pads, Diapers, Swabs, Tunics, Trousers, Mob Caps, Scrubs, Aprons, Respirators, Goggles, Surgical Instruments, Operating Theatre Equipment. Body Bags.


Solar Equipment, Lighting, Pumps, Generators, Lighting Towers, Drilling Rigs & Consumables




Portable Buildings; Warehouses; Workshops; Tools; Heavy Plant & Equipment;
Building Materials; Concrete Canvas; Food Stores & Refrigeration; Field Kitchens; Field Laundries; Industrial Scale Catering Supplies; Field Hospitals; Medical Clinics; Airfield Equipment; Mobile Air Traffic Control Towers; Boats; Aircraft & Hovercraft


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Presentations & Publication Available

The following presentations & publications are available from AIPACS OACG in PDF format.

  AIPACS OACG Procurement & Logistics V4.0 (
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AIPACS Emergency Relief Supplies Brochure 20
18 (Click here to download)

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