These Village Development Programmes have been designed to provide real help to village communities throughout Africa and beyond.

These programmes centre around four (4) critical village projects:

  • Village `Fight Against Malaria` Programme
  • Village Clean Water Programme
  • Village Sanitation Programme
  • Village Hygiene Programme


Providing the means to destroy mosquito larvae in all the areas around the village with follow on treatments on a regular basis. Malaria is the biggest single killer of children under 5 years in Africa.

ThE Village `Fight Against Malaria` Programme provides the village with all the equipment necessary to treat all the areas within the village and surrounding areas where mosquitoes lay their eggs.

The female mosquito lays between 100-200 eggs 3-4 times during her short lifespan which develop into larvae and then pupae.

Preventine MLC prevents the eggs laid by each female mosquito from reaching the final larval stage. The positive result is that yet another 1000+ fully developed mosquitoes will have been prevented from flying. This therefore ensures that the adult females, feeding on animal or human blood )essential for them to lay eggs) will not deliver the deadly parasite Plasmodium.

Preventine MLC also kills e-coli and removes odour from the treated areas thereby greatly improving the local environment. Preventine MLC is a 100% natural product which contains no chemicals. For more information about Preventine MLC visit their web site at



          OACG-VML Village `Fight Against Malaria` Programme

  • Sufficient for 6 persons spraying 8 hours per day / 5 days per week / 2 spray full per hour.
  • Training to demonstrate correct spraying techniques, maintenance and health & safety.
  • Training in World Health Organisation (WHO) Standing Orders & Procedures.
  • Recording data of pre and post spray results
  • Education of families into how to protect themselves and their homes to reduce mosquito attacks and infections

For a full list of contents of the programme kit supplied and further information e-mail to


Providing clean water for human consumption, safe water storage and distribution thereby helping to prevent water bourne diseases which kill so many.

The provision of clean water for human consumption is essential for life in every community. It is a very sad fact that many thousands of children and adults living in villages in rural Africa are still, even today, being forced to drink dirty contaminated water and this is a major cause of the spread of diseases such as Cholera, Typhoid, Dysentery and Diarrhea. These diseases are a primary cause of infant mortality.

The Village Clean Water Programme provides the basic infrastructure for the purification, safe storage and distribution of water to the village. We provide ONE DROP PLUS a natural non-chemical mineral based water purification solution which kills ALL harmful bacteria, spores fungi and viruses and helps to eliminate these most common and deadly diseases.

For more information about ONE DROP PLUS go to page:

     Water Purification ODP (Click on Link)


OACG/VCW Village Clean Water Programme
  • Supervision of installation & commisioning of Equipment
  • Training village elders and villagers in how to correctly use the equipment provided.
  • Provide instruction leaflets in how to correctly and safely use the equipment provided
  • Train and nominate persons-in-charge to control ONE DROP PLUS and pump operation.

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To provide effective sanitation is fundamental to the prevention and spread of common diseases such as Typhoid, Cholera, Dystentery and Amoebic Diarrhea. Critically also infections resulting from e-coli contamination.

The AIPACS Village Sanitation Programme provides for the deployment of sanitary pit latrines with privacy cubicles. Sanitation is provided by ONE DROP PLUS natural environmentally friendly, mineral based sanitation fluid which breaks down the solids collected in the pit and neutralises both dangerous bacteria including e-coli, and odour.


OACG-VSP Village Sanitation Programme
  • Providing sanitary toilet facilities to the village community
  • Supervision of correct installation and commissioning of the equipment
  • Training of village elders in correct maintenance and day-to-day running in good order
  • Education in cleanliness, washing of hands after visits to ablutions and toilet facilities
  • Provide instruction leaflets on how to correctly use the equipment and keep in good sanitary condition

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The Village Hygiene Programme provides facilities for washing and personal hygiene. Shower cubicles with shower curtains, shower heads and piping. A 3m3 capacity water tank mounted on a tower provides a sufficient quantity of water by gravity at a sufficient head for approximately 60 showers before the tank needs to be re-filled. (Figure based on an average of 50 litres of water per shower). Water bladder storage tanks are also provided at ground level with distribution kits and tap stands.



DUO SHOWER cubicles with water storage tank mounted on a tower at approximately 4.0m height

OACG-VHP Village Hygiene Programme

  • Providing facilities for the villagers to be able to shower and wash
  • Supervision of installation and commissioning of equipment
  • Training of village elders in how to use and how to maintain equipment
  • Instruction leaflet on how to use and correctly maintain the system
  • Education on keeping clean and keeping the village clean, tidy and in a sanitary condition.

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