AIPACS OACG can boast a proud history of rapid emergency response to catastrophic world events. The following depicts a brief collage of emergency events where AIPACS OACG procurement and logistics operations have been at the forfront. During these periods we have provided procurement and logistic support to over 200 NGO and Red Cross Societies including: ICRC, IFRC, British Red Cross, German Red Cross, Swedish Red Cross, Turkish Red Crescent, Danish Red Cross, American Red Cross, Canadian Red Cross,Norwegian Church Aid, Norwegian Refugee Council, Save The Children, MSF Logistique, MSF Holland, MSF Belgium, Caritas Germany, Caritas Austria, International Rescue Committee USA, American Refugee Committee, World Vision, Africare to name just a few.


The sudden and devastating earlthquake that hit Nepal on 25th April 2015 killed over 8,000 people and left over 20,000 people injured. Hundreds of thousands of people were left homeless when entire villages were completely destroyed.


AIPACS OACG shipped several tons of blankets, tarpaulins,hygiene kits and household clean-up kits from our procurement base in Delhi, India by road to Nepal, crossing at the border town of Raxaul.


Despite considerable conjestion at Raxaul due largely to Nepalese Government imposed customs restrictions, our relief trucks finally found their way to Kathmandu where they were off-loaded so that these emergency relief supplies could be distributed both in the Capaital itself and to outlying districts accross the country.


Testimonial from one of our largest customers with field teams deployed to Liberia and Sierra Leone ..........

03.03.2015 - "It has been a pleasure working with you all and I have had no complaints or issues from my field teams. Thanks for all the detailed updates and status reports. It really helped me in staying organized and managing the communication flow to my field teams"

The tragic consequences resulting from the unprecedented spread of the Ebola virus throughout West Africa will be felt in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea for many years to come. As the extent of this outbreak became increasingly apparent AIPACS OACG responded  to the urgent requests for Personal Protection Equipment and Medical Consumables. This procurement and logistics operation has turned out to be one of the largest we have ever undertaken.

The highly dangerous business of removing bodies for rapid burial was the immediate priority in an attempt to prevent further exposure to the deadly virus. The race was then on to expand existing emergency facilities and to set up new ones to isolate and treat the hundreds of people already infected.

AIPACS OACG  shipped out Personal Protection Equipment and Medical Consumables by air and by sea from the United Kingdom, Japan and China to Monrovia in Liberia, to Freetown in Sierra Leone and to Conakry in Guinea.

Medical Consumables being loaded at     Pallets loading onto charter aircraft warehouse in Ipswich UK                         at Liege airport, Belgium

Above courtesy of International Rescue Committee, Monrovua, Liberia

Above courtesy if International Rescue Committee, Monrovia, Liberia


Urgently needed bio-protection suits for NGO personnel and local healthcare workers together with medical equipment, medical and surgical consumables enabled emergency treatment centres to become fully operational in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.


Specialist monitoring & treatment for        Special isolation tents were
  Ebola infected patients                             deployed quickly and efficiently


In early November 2013 the strongest storm ever recorded at landfall directly hit Tacloban City, Leyte, on the east coast of the Philippines. The strongest Typhoon ever recorded with winds in excess of 195mph (313kph) devastated the region, killing over 6,000 people and leaving thousands of families  homeless.

Typhoon Haiyan laid waste to some of the poorest regions of the country and many towns may never fully recover.


In support of our partners and customers alike AIPACS OACG responded with supplies of Emergency Food Rations, Hygiene Kits, Community Clean-up Kits and Water Purification. Relief logistics were extremely difficult with many roads destroyed and local airports rendered unusable. The tourist hub of Cebu was used as the principal reception point for emergency relief flights and then distribution out to the worst affected areas.




The initial exodus of nearly 5,000 Syrian refugees fled accross the border from Talkalakr, Syria into Lebanon in April 2011. Since then some 2.5 million regugees have fled from war torn Syria into Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Kurdish Iraq.


As the crisis has continued to develop throughout 2012-2013 AIPACS OACG  has actively participated with logistics support to our partners and customers who  had deployed to the region. The refugee camp at Zataari is now the size of the fifth largest town in Jordan.


AIPACS OACG has organised regular shipments primarily of foodstuffs, medical equipment and water purification to Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.


In 2015 AIPACS OACG continues to provide support to our partners and customers with goods supplied from our strategic warehouses in Dubai, UAE and Mumbai, India.




Within 48 hours of the emergency being declared AIPACS OACG commenced a massive overland trucking operation to move thousands of tons of emeregncy relief goods into the stricken areas of Pakistan affected by the worst floods in history. Plastic Sheeting. Shelter Kits. Water Carriers. Water Storage. Water Purification and Family Hygiene Kits were moved from AIPACS Fametex warehouse in Lahore to Saidu Sharif (Swat), Islamabad, Mardan and Sukker. AIPACS Fametex tent production unit had also been in full swing from the outset producing fully winterised tents to provide adequate shelter for families before the onset of winter.





On Tuesday January 12th 2010 at 21:53:10 UTC a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the island of Haiti at a depth of 8.1 miles. The epicentre was located 15 miles WSW of Port-Au-Prince. Subsequently there were some 69 aftershocks.

AIPACS OACG mobilised within hours sending personnel directly to the site to fully assess the extent of the emergency and to determine the immediate and most urgent relief requirements. The logistics were extremely challenging but AIPACS OACG moved in emergency supplies in the form of Latrines and Sanitation. Plastic Sheeting. Family Hygiene Kits and a complete 30 Bed Emergency Field Hospital, fully equipped to treat the most severe trauma. Distribution of emergency goods continued throughout 2010 and into 2011.


DARFUR SUDAN & CHAD 2004 - 2010

AIPACS OACG provided ongoing procurement and logistics support to various NGO and Red Cross Societies operating in the Darfur regions of Sudan and Chad from 2004 until 2008. Co-ordinated through our Regional Office in Nairobi, Kenya and in conjunction with our partners at Astral Aviation. AIPACS OACG moved large quantities of Tents. Plastic Sheeting. Mosquito Nets. Kerosene Cooking Stoves. Water Carriers. Generating Sets. Food stuffs and bulk Hygiene supplies to projects in Nyala, El Fasher and Abeche

          Generating Sets being loaded in         Mosquito Nets being loaded
          South Africa for shipment to               in Kenya for shipment to
           Abeche, Chad                                      Nyala, Darfur.

Mosquito Nets being loaded in Nairobi, Kenya
for shipment to Nyala, Darfur


Water Carriers being assembled at AIPACS warehouse in Mumbai, India, for shipment by air to Nyala, Darfur.


Within 60 hours of this devastating earthquake taking place AIPACS OACG were delivering the first of more than 12,000 Family Tents from our own factory in Lahore to Peshawar, Mussafarabad and Bagh. In the weeks following AIPACS OACG delivered: 220 large Marque Tents for use as schools and reception centres. 2,000 Wood Burning Stoves for use inside family tents. 70,000 Hygiene Kits and more than 200,000 Corrugated Iron Sheets for use as roofing materials, all supplied from local production within Pakistan and India.

AIPACS OACG also supplied Portable Buildings for use as Field Offices by our NGO customers who were operating at the front line in Pakstan Kashmir.

Tents being packed at         Tents being loaded for     People were desperate
AIPACS Production Unit        transport to                    for shelter from the
in Lahore.                              Mussafarabad                 freezing weather

Portable Buildings heading   Devastation everywhere   AIPACS Family Tent
for Adana airport in              tents were the fastest      with Wood Burning
Turkey to be airlifted to        solution to provide            Stove to provide
Islamabad.                              emergency shelter for       both heating and
                                               families                              cooking for families


At 14.20 hours on December 26th 2004 the first call came through to AIPACS OACG to mobilise the first emergency airlift for Colombo, Sri Lanka. AIPACS OACG personnel worked 18 hour days for weeks on end moving thousands of tonnes of emergency relief goods to Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Andeman & Nicobar Islands in the Indian Ocean.

Plastic Sheeting. Tents. Kitchen Sets. Family Hygiene Kits. Water Carriers and Water Purification Equipment. Emergency Medical Supplies - all were airlifted from our facilities in Europe, Dubai, India and Pakistan to the affected areas on a daily basis.

Blankets and Sleeping Mats    Family Kitchen Sets     Family Kitchen Sets being
at our warehouse in Dubai     loaded onto trucks      distributed to families in
ready for airlift to Bandah     at our warehouse in     the Andeman & Nicobar   
Aceh, Sumatra                        Delhi, en-route to       Islands.
                                               the airport for
                                               airlift to Colombo

        Even the distribution of      With the livlihoods of so many thousands
        sweets to local children       of people ruined AIPACS OACG continued
        in Sri Lanka was a major       to supply goods and services until 2007
         event                                   to help re-build the lives of the coastal
                                                     communities in Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

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