If you have already visited our page entitled "AIPACS A PROUD HISTORY" You will already have a good idea of our activities in the International aid market since 2004. But AIPACS history goes back much further than that. The following is a snapshot of our activities going back to 1984

2002 Northern Afghanistan - Bulk Food Shipments
For FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance - part of the Agha Khan Foundation. Shipped 2,000 tonnes of wheat flour and other foodstuffs by rail and truck overland into Northern Afghanistan from Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

2001 India - Earthquake in Gujurat - Family Tents
For IFRC through the British Red Cross. Manufacturing 10,000 Family Tents "in-house" and delivering overland to India from Pakistanfor emergency relief of earthquake victims in Gujurat. This was the first commercial traffic to pass across this single border crossing between Pakistan and India for 30 years.

1999 - 2000 Turkish Earthquake - Family Tents
For the Turkish Government for the Turkish Red Crescent. Manufaturered "in-house" and delivered within 21 days 6,500 Family Tents for emergency relief of earthquake victims.

1998-1999 - Balkans War - Kosovo
For various NGO and Red Cross Societies - Bulk supplies of emergency relief goods including 10,000 Family Tents. 25,000 Family Food & Hygiene Parcels. 100 tons of Clothing & Footwear for children and adults. 150,000 Blankets. 30,000 Kitchen Sets. Goods shipped into Macedonia and Albania for Kosovo refugees.

Set up a Supplies & Logistics base in Skopje Macedonia, operating for 14 months supporting and supplying humanitarian projects in Kosovo on a daily / weekly basis.

1990-1991 - Kurdish Refugees after First Gulf War
AIPACS set up and successfully operated one of the largest volume air, sea and overland emergency supply projects ever attempted to relieve beleagured refugees from Kurdistan and other nationalities both before and after the first Gulf War. 100,000 tons of emergency relief supplies were procured and shipped into Jordan, Turkey and Iran from our regional logistics base in Egypt and from Europe.

1984 -1987 Ethiopia and Sudan
Ian Hackett and Barry Burns, later AIPACS UK and ultimately AIPACS OACG worked extensively with UNHCR, UNICEF, MSF Logistique, Oxfam, Save The Children, GOAL, Concern, Christian Aid, British Red Cross and a number of other European Red Cross Societies with both supplies and logistics very often on the ground at the sharp end of operations in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Tigre, Sudan. Mozambique and Angola.

In 1984 both Ian Hackett and Barry Burns were directly involved with the setting up and operations of a complete procurement & logistics project for USA For Africa for Ethiopia, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso. In addition to procurement & logistics we undertook project budgeting and funds management on behalf of that organisation.

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